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Students show silent support for LGBTQ youth

 Participants of the Day of Silence gather in the academic court on April 11 to host a vigil acknowledging silenced LGBTQ youth. The annual vigil is open to all students and allows them to show respect for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. Photo by Kristin Chang

Kristin Chang

April 15, 2014

Gay-Straight Alliance hosts successful Day of Silence on April 11, allowing students to reflect on issues restricting LGBTQ youth. The clothesline is strung up with faces. Some grinning, some wide-eyed, some young and old and pale and dark and each one disembodied and floating in the Academ...

Peer Counseling Club holds training session for new peer counselors

Members hug after playing

Elia Chen

January 19, 2014

Members learn skills to better their communication. Read More »...

Peer Counseling Club gains more opportunities as a school service

Senior Anisha Pathak talks to fellow club member junior Aditi Soin.

Elia Chen

October 23, 2013

Peer Counseling club hopes to reach more students with its new school status. Read More »...

Dramatic changes

Junior Cathy Ma concludes warm ups with a full body exercise on Sept. 18.

Rhonda Mak

September 29, 2013

1. Less textbook, more drama Previously, the drama courses implemented textbook reading in the curriculum. Students would fill out a worksheet and be quizzed on the material later. This year, the department is experimenting with more hands-on teaching instead of using textbook methods. “We’re still teaching w...