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Temptation: As we grow up

Temptation: As we grow up

Helen Chao

February 8, 2019

We’ve all reached for the red apple. The serpent slumbers, coiled in the shadowy recesses of consciousness. For every tentative step we take towards the apple, he slithers forward, ravenous and ready to prey on conscience in glaring daylight. The serpent hisses. Conscience falters, temptation strikes ...

The truth about lying

The truth about lying

Claire Wen and Claire Chang

February 6, 2019

e had two options: do his homework or watch TV. He hesitated for a bit, thinking that being productive would be the right thing to do — but then again, there was only one assignment left. He turned on the TV. A little while later, his mom came in, asking if he’d finished his homework. Yes, ...

The race for admission: Lying about racial identity just isn’t worth it

The race for admission: Lying about racial identity just isn't worth it

Elizabeth Han

April 22, 2016

Story by Amita Mahajan and Elizabeth Han e’ve grown up in a world where we’re taught that “lying is bad.” But when the exact consequences are minimal and the benefits add on, the urge to lie heightens and ultimately, we go against what we’ve been taught our entire lives. And for students at M...