El Estoque

MVHS Drama Showcase(s) Improv Club and Segal Scholarship

Justin Kim

February 24, 2015

Friday the 13th. A dreaded time of gloom, misfortune and beating the dead horse of a movie franchise over and over again (for those interested, Paramount Pictures is planning to release the thirteenth 13th “Friday the 13th” movie on May 13, 2016). At least, that’s what it was if you didn’t go th...

Improv for Dummies: lingo, tips and rules for Improv

Improv for Dummies: lingo, tips and rules for Improv

Avni Prasad

December 13, 2014

You completely forgot you had a literature speech next period. You told your mom you were going to your friend’s house to finish a project, but you got caught at the mall. Your teacher calls on you to repeat the instructions for an assignment, but you were sleeping in class. Of course, the...

Laughter: Connecting comedy and improv

Laughter: Connecting comedy and improv

Anupama Cemballi

February 11, 2013

Improv Team Skits from El Estoque on Vimeo. Junior Maddie Klein pantomimes picking up a crossbow and takes aim at two frolicking squirrels. In a husky Southern drawl she growls: “It’s huntin’ season!” Then she fires. The figures that fumble in terror are not, however, small woodland creatures — rather, they are ...

Dinner and a show

Dinner and a show

Sara Yang

February 6, 2010

Drama department presents a new event — dinner, auditions and a show Read More »...