El Estoque

Crumbling under weight

Crumbling under weight

Vivian Chiang

March 8, 2018

’ve concluded that my body enjoys playing tricks on me, convincing me it’s deteriorating. Logically, I understand it’s my mind that enjoys making me feel unworthy, not my body. My poor body simply responds to my mind. My body is solely an exterior, quite literally a cover t...

Fear Me Not


Shuvi Jha

September 13, 2017

hite people are dumb — everyone knows that. Seven words. Seven words was all it took to land then seventh-grader Sophia Powell in the backseat of her teacher’s classroom. Dejected and alone, she sat in her seat, replaying the boy’s words in her mind — thinking about how he didn’t want to b...

Dramatic changes

Junior Cathy Ma concludes warm ups with a full body exercise on Sept. 18.

Rhonda Mak

September 29, 2013

1. Less textbook, more drama Previously, the drama courses implemented textbook reading in the curriculum. Students would fill out a worksheet and be quizzed on the material later. This year, the department is experimenting with more hands-on teaching instead of using textbook methods. “We’re still teaching w...

Why people hesitate

Why people hesitate


September 28, 2012

In 1968, radical feminist Valerie Solanas attempted to murder Andy Warhol. Throughout history, women have fought for voting rights, education and basic working conditions under the premise of feminism, the belief that men and women deserve equal rights. But, at least at MVHS, the drive to continue the...

Career Year presentations fail to educate or draw student attention

Kiranmayi Methuku

December 8, 2011

High school is the time to be exploring careers, but the new Career Year setup struggles to serve this purpose. Career Day in the past has been more than satisfactory. Students attended informative sessions with professionals in different fields of work and listened to a first-person perspective for...