El Estoque

Vol. Three: Fantasy sports

I’m sick of this s—. Illustration by Kamyar Moradi

Kamyar Moradi

December 22, 2019

Why I believe fantasy sports are detrimental to society

Choosing the dream team

Choosing the dream team

Aditya Dash

September 22, 2017

s the clock ticks towards the start of the National Football League fantasy draft on Sept. 6th, sophomore Rohit Kumar is already planning out who to draft. With the high stakes, he knows that he must make smart decisions to win the NFL jersey. The fantasy draft begins with the draft engine’s small...

Aesthetics: Creative expression in fashion

Aesthetics: Creative expression in fashion

Elizabeth Han

October 9, 2016

There’s something about Formal Day that lures even the least-spirited students to join the Homecoming fun. Their fingers cling onto their best piece of clothing: the flowing blue dress or the painfully form-fitting suit reserved for special occasions. It’s the one day when classmates don’t questi...