El Estoque

Crafting origami creations

Senior Patricia Saito folded an origami phoenix model, created by Hongyi Wan.

Charlotte Chui

April 9, 2020

Three MVHS students share the process behind the art of paper folding

MV ArtReach hopes to emphasize service and increase membership

An ArtReach member folds paper in order to make origami. At their first meeting, ArtReach officers explained that making origami art involves no cutting, but rather folding of paper. Photo by Dylan Tsai.

Dylan Tsai

October 28, 2016

fter seeing members dwindle away last year, the officers of ArtReach are determined to increase membership and keep members. Dedicated to crafts and service, ArtReach holds bi-weekly meetings for members to make crafts, such as paper lanterns and birds. Some of these crafts are donated to organizations such ...