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Up in flames: Australian bushfires from July 2019 continue to devastate

Senior Isabelle Dingli, an Australian citizen, spent her winter break in Melbourne, about 100 miles away from the nearest fires, but she says the air quality impacted her.

Ishaani Dayal and Tina Low

February 11, 2020

Since late July 2019, Australian wildfires have ravaged over 26 million acres of land and destroyed over 3,000 homes. After the deaths of three American firefighters on Jan. 23, the fatality count rose to 34, while approximately one billion animals have been killed or displaced.  According to profess...

Students travel to different countries over winter break

Freshman Akanksha Varanasi traveled to historical sites in the Middle East. Photo courtesy of Akanksha Varanasi

Claire Wen

February 1, 2020

Freshman Akanksha Varanasi  When freshman Akanksha Varanasi traveled to the Middle East, she took note of the locals’ hospitality. Whenever she went into a souvenir shop, which were typically family-owned, the employees would greet her warmly. “They'd be like, ‘Can we get you tea?’ or ...

Reactions to Tragedy

Reactions to Tragedy

Lakshanyaa Ganesh, Oishee Misra, Shuvi Jha, Leanna Sun, and Sarah Young

January 29, 2020

January was a month marked by a myriad of tragedies. Our childhood hero Kobe Bryant died, impeachment proceedings in the Senate further highlighted America's dangerous partisan divide, Australian bush fires continue to persist, and the coronavirus has created an atmosphere of heightened fear. In wake...