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Athlete of the month: Guy Lavi

Athlete of the month: Guy Lavi

Tabitha Mendez

January 7, 2020

After watching games with his dad, uncle and older brother, senior and defender Guy Lavi started playing soccer at age six. Since then, he has had a 13-year career but is still uncertain whether or not he will play in college. Lavi has been playing on the MVHS boys soccer team since he was a freshman, a...

Athlete of the Month: Madisen Vongnakhone

Senior Madisen Vongnakhone plays in a game versus Saratoga HS. Photo courtesy of Arnold de Leon

Swara Tewari, Managing editor

November 25, 2019

Senior Madisen Vongnakhon doesn’t think of herself as a leader on the field — the idea of other players looking up to her still baffles her. As an experienced player, she just tries to offer support and positivity to her teammates.  Having just completed her fourth season of field hockey as an o...

Athlete of the Month: Luke Bowman

Athlete of the Month: Luke Bowman

Lance Tong

October 23, 2019

ophomore Luke Bowman has been surrounded by water polo players since he was a child. His dad and sister both played, so it was only natural for him to start in sixth grade. At first, Bowman saw an athletic career in soccer, but liked the challenge of playing a different sport and using a new skill ...