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Raising AP test prices

Raising AP test prices

Laasya Koduru

February 16, 2019

February is prime time for AP test registration, but this year, there has been a significant change. Previously available on paper through the main office, AP test registration has taken on a new form this year with online registration on Infinite Campus. This comfort comes with a price: a four perc...

Seniors should be refunded for AP tests their colleges do not accept

Gabriella Monico

April 24, 2014

[dropcap1]F[/dropcap1]or two weeks every May, MVHS students are herded into the gym, Quinlan Center, Cupertino Library or St. Jude’s Church for three hours at a time. The only sounds are those of shallow breaths and pencil across paper as students methodically fill in bubbles and frantically write...