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MVHS students or staff:

If you’d like to submit a story idea to El Estoque or guest-write an article, feel free to fill out one of the forms below.

Please keep in mind that El Estoque is a student publication that primarily covers events and issues pertaining to the MVHS and local community, so we value content featuring unique voices and topics that our community is impacted by and can relate to directly.

Story pitches:
Before submitting a story idea pitch, please check out other articles on our website to view examples of articles and get a sense of our coverage. Fill out as much of the following form as possible, and if we choose to use your idea, we may contact you via email to develop it further.

Story pitch submission form

Guest writers:
If you’re looking to be a guest writer, we encourage you to write either a column or a letter to the editor. Columns are first-person articles that focus on the author’s individual voice, perspective and experiences. Letters to the editor capture the author’s response or reaction to any published El Estoque content.

Guest writer interest form

Below are several examples of columns from El Estoque reporters:
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