El Estoque

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Boys VolleyballThu, May 19 Jesuit High School 2-3L
Jesuit High School 2-3L
Boys VolleyballTue, May 17 De La Salle3-0W
De La Salle3-0W
Boys VolleyballSat, May 14 Homestead High School3-2W
Homestead High School3-2W
Boys VolleyballThu, May 12 Carlmont High School3-0W
Carlmont High School3-0W
Boys VolleyballTue, May 10 Aragon High School 3-0W
Aragon High School 3-0W
Boys VolleyballFri, May 06 Homestead High School2-3L
Homestead High School2-3L
Boys VolleyballWed, May 04 Los Gatos High School 3-2W
Los Gatos High School 3-2W
Boys VolleyballFri, Apr 29 Saratoga High School3-0W
Saratoga High School3-0W
Boys VolleyballWed, Apr 27 Mountain View High School 0-3L
Mountain View High School 0-3L
Boys VolleyballFri, Apr 15 Lynbrook High School1-3L
Lynbrook High School1-3L
BaseballThu, Apr 14 Lynbrook High School2-5L
Lynbrook High School2-5L
SoftballThu, Apr 14 Lynbrook High School20-1W
Lynbrook High School20-1W
Boys VolleyballWed, Apr 13 Harker High School3-0W
Harker High School3-0W
BaseballTue, Apr 12 Lynbrook High School2-15L
Lynbrook High School2-15L
SoftballTue, Apr 12 Palo Alto High School9-10L
Palo Alto High School9-10L
Boys VolleyballMon, Apr 11 Independence High School3-1W
Independence High School3-1W
BaseballSat, Apr 09 Del Mar High School8-10L
Del Mar High School8-10L
BaseballThu, Apr 07 Fremont High School2-9L
Fremont High School2-9L
Boys TennisThu, Apr 07 Los Gatos High School6-1W
Los Gatos High School6-1W
BaseballTue, Apr 05 Fremont High School0-7L
Fremont High School0-7L
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