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MVHS alumna Sara Haller shares about her collegiate career as a multisport athlete

MVHS alumna Sara Haller shares about her collegiate career as a multisport athlete

Jayanti Jha December 11, 2020

Diving and field hockey — these two sports seemingly have no connection to each other. One is played on a turf field, while the other takes place in a pool. But for MVHS almuna Sara Haller, ‘17, ...

Archbishop Mitty senior Brian Chong plays at Kalamazoo in August 2019.

Archbishop Mitty High School senior Brian Chong scores a commitment to play for Brown University D1 tennis

Andie Liu December 11, 2020
Chong explains his unique recruitment process following 10 years on the court
Dwivedi walks with her bike in the De Anza College parking lot after spending the day biking with friends. (Photo used with permission from Navarin Pirachai)

Biking during quarantine

Riya Ravuri December 8, 2020
Students and staff share how biking has been an outlet in the midst of the pandemic
UCSD coach, Juan Ignacio Calderon, practicing while masked. Photos from @ucsdfencing

Fencing during Covid-19

Melody Cui December 5, 2020
Fencers react to the new regulations for fencing practices and tournaments
Running towards recruitment

Running towards recruitment

Ritu Atreyas and Neysa Singh December 4, 2020
Reflecting on senior Rohun Agrawal’s cross country journey

Real Talk with Athletes Ep. 1: Samantha Dunn

Anjali Singh, Sports Editor November 25, 2020
Exploring senior Samantha Dunn’s journey with volleyball and how the Girls Volleyball team has adjusted to COVID-19
Joyce Lui spins during a color guard performance. Photo used with permission by Lui.

Sports stereotypes

Anna Jerolimov November 6, 2020
Exploring the assumptions surrounding various sports at MVHS
Junior Anika Mishra practices before a game with a small crowd. Photo used with permission by Mishra.

The Impact of Cheering

Lance Tong November 5, 2020
Student athletes share the effect of crowds on their performance
Local teams' fans

Local teams’ fans

Students and fans share their connections to local Bay Area sports teams
The boys water polo team celebrates its senior night in the 2019 season.

Multi-sport athletes

Brian Xu November 1, 2020
MVHS students discuss the benefits and disadvantages of playing on several school sports teams
Players on the Boys Volleyball team give the Girls teams high-fives at the end of the game. Photo used with courtesy of Sammi Dunn

Intersport friendships

Jayanti Jha October 30, 2020
MVHS athletes continue forming friendships between teams during a challenging socially distanced time
Van Buren referees at a Cupertino Hoops boys basketball game on Jan. 19, 2013.

COVID-19’s impact on Cupertino Hoops

Anna Jerolimov October 26, 2020
Exploring players’ and referees’ reactions to the potential canceling of the winter basketball season
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