El Estoque

Graphic by Sophia Chen

A throwback to childhood trends

Sophia Chen and Suraj Gangaram October 30, 2020
Students reminisce on nostalgic toys and trends from their childhood from the past two decades
The effect of COVID-19 on hobbies

The effect of COVID-19 on hobbies

Tanish Mendki and Michelle Chen October 29, 2020
Exploring the stories of student activities affected by the events of 2020
College in COVID-19

College in COVID-19

Exploring the various ways the pandemic affects colleges and the application process
Lloyd Holmes Profile Photo

Lloyd Holmes: the new president of De Anza College

Devin Gupta, News and Web Editor October 26, 2020
Holmes shares his experiences with race, education and giving back
The three branches of debate Monta Vista offers | Graphic by Irene Tang

Debating through a screen

Irene Tang October 24, 2020
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Director of Marching Band John Gilchrist stands in front of Monta Vista, beaming  //  Used with Perrmisson

JOHN GILCHRIST: The new marching band director

Anika Sharma October 17, 2020
Getting to know John Gilchrist and his plans for the future of the music department
Matvey Jenssen in Japan. Photo by Maxim Jenssen|Used with permission.

A multilingual community

Krish Dev, Opinion Editor October 16, 2020
Students and staff reflect on their experiences speaking multiple languages.
Photo by Raagavalli Karumanchi - Student run nonprofit Donate Essentials donates masks to frontline workers

Pandemic nonprofits promote the greater good

Kripa Mayureshwar October 15, 2020

fter frequently talking to her grandparents over the phone during quarantine and noticing how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected senior citizens emotionally, sophomore Saanvi Mantripragada founded the...

Photo by Matthew Yoshimoto

Remote learning’s impact on students

Matthew Yoshimoto October 13, 2020
Exploring the benefits and drawbacks of distance learning versus in-person school
Sophomore Brooke Frei sits in front of her trans pride flag.

Coming out

Mikaylah Du, Staff Writer October 11, 2020
Exploring what it means to express oneself
This map indicate Spanish-speaking regions of the world, where Spanish is the official language. Graphic credit | Map Handbook

MVHS Spanish and French teachers implement a stereotype unit

Oishee Misra October 5, 2020
Delving into aspects of anti-racist work through Spanish and French 4 Honors curriculum
50 fresh faces

50 fresh faces

Michelle Chen October 3, 2020
The class of 2024 shares its initial thoughts about MVHS
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