El Estoque

Teachers take their own tests

Crystal Cheng and Jisha Rajala December 6, 2021
History, French, Physics and Calculus teachers share advice for test-taking
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Beyond World Kindness Day

Amber Milesi, Staff Writer November 13, 2021

orld Kindness Day, which falls on Nov. 13, presents a single day in the year where people actively celebrate kindness by thinking of creative ways to help and care for others. Junior Kacey Bower, however,...

Sushma Bana rests dias in her backyard for Diwali celebrations.

How US and India traditions compare

Jannah Sheriff and Anna Kaminitz November 9, 2021
Community members discuss differences between Diwali celebrations
Aryaman Verma prays to the deities while participating in a Diwali puja.

Celebrating Diwali

Shining a light on the holiday's significance and how it is celebrated
Senior Vy Pham works in the cafeteria at the end of the lunch period.

Students work in the cafeteria

Jannah Sheriff November 9, 2021
With the introduction of free brunch and lunch, student employees assist in food prep
MVHS students and staff share the small things that make them happy

It’s the little things

Kripa Mayureshwar and Nika Zamani November 7, 2021
Exploring the small joys in staff and students’ lives
Expressing love languages

Expressing love languages

Exploring how love languages play a role in the MVHS community
Graphic by Mikaylah Du

Performing Acts of Service

Meggie Chen October 29, 2021
Students and teachers explore how acts of service affect their lives.
24 Questions with the Class of 2024

24 Questions with the Class of 2024

Meggie Chen October 29, 2021
Asking sophomores 24 random questions
Receiving gifts

Receiving gifts

Matthew Yoshimoto October 29, 2021
Explaining the impacts of presents in the lives of students and staff
Spending quality time

Spending quality time

Sophia Chen, Copy Editor October 29, 2021
Observing how people people prioritize and spend time with loved ones
Scott Victorine pulls out a purple guitar from his small collection he has in closet during tutorial to play.

Leveling up a hobby

Sonia Verma, Staff Writer October 23, 2021
History Teacher Scott Victorine describes his passion for guitars
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