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Understanding Grief

Understanding Grief

Exploring how grief has affected community members' lives
Dealing with unconventional grief

Dealing with unconventional grief

Jannah Sheriff December 11, 2021
Students discuss the impact of instances of loss on their lives
The total number of international COVID-19 deaths according to Worldmeter.

MVHS students face loss during the COVID-19 pandemic

Jayanti Jha and Aashna Patel December 10, 2021
Reflecting on the hardship of losing loved ones to COVID-19
Graphic | Mikaylah Du

Coping with grief

Mira Wagner and Alex Zhang December 10, 2021
Community members describe their experiences and strategies managing their grief
The Shaikh family poses for a family photo

Unique Cupertino families

Different types of families in Cupertino share their history and dynamics
Students take anonymous survey

Students of stepfamilies share about their family dynamics

Prisha Tiwari, Features Editor December 10, 2021
Overheard on the survey: Students answer questions about their stepfamilies on our anonymous survey
Taralynn Kang shares her experience growing up in a biracial family

Biracial families share their family dynamics

Minjae Kang December 10, 2021
Looking into the family dynamics of biracial families
The Jensen family received a photo of their newest family member after the adoption agency matched them with John.

Adoptive families share their experiences

Riya Ravuri, Features Editor December 9, 2021
Exploring the history and family dynamics of the Jensen family
Honor American Literature students ask questions in Carpenters Discord server Carpenter Official

Mark Carpenter uses Discord to communicate with students

Minjae Kang December 8, 2021
Looking into the effectiveness of Discord as a communication platform between students and teachers

Mobley family members share about their preschool

Jayanti Jha December 8, 2021
Examining the behind the scenes of running Montecito Preschool as a family
Jay Shelton (left) dances with Stacey Cler (right) at colleagues Michelle Balmeo and Andrew Sturgills wedding.

Remembering Stacey Cler

Anushka De, Michelle Chen, and Jayanti Jha December 7, 2021
Celebrating the life of English teacher Stacey Cler
The Shaikh family posing for a family photo

Siblings share about the dynamics of big families

Amber Milesi and Anika Sharma December 7, 2021

Until fifth grade, senior Asiya Shaikh and her family lived in a small house before moving to Cupertino. Everyone needed to wake by 5 a.m. and be out the door by 7 a.m. On school days, the mornings were...

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