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The importance of community

The importance of community

Neysa Singh

May 26, 2020

cross the country, grocery store shelves are left empty — there are toilet paper shortages, no hand sanitizer available, and no face masks. The New York Times reports that there is currently no lack of food in the country. So why the barren grocery stores? As the coronavirus continues to spread, people are panic-buying food and other  ...

It’s okay to take it easy

It’s okay to take it easy

Andie Liu

April 30, 2020

Why we need to decrease expectations of ourselves during COVID-19

An Earth Day promise

An Earth Day promise

Stuti Upadhyay

April 22, 2020

COVID-19 presents an opportunity to pursue climate action with renewed vigor

Finding sympathy for the MVHS administration

Finding sympathy for the MVHS administration

Jayanti Jha and Lance Tong

April 3, 2020

We’re all confused. When is school going to start again? Is school going to be extended into the summer? Is senior ball still happening? When can I see my friends again? Is school even going to start again this year?  We constantly complain to our friends and parents about this strange, new normal we ...

The Bachelor franchise needs to increase diversity in its cast

Chris Soules poses with the contestants of season 15 of the Bachelor.

Jayanti Jha

March 20, 2020

Every year, 30 girls gather in a luxury mansion, trying to win the heart of a man and be the woman that he, the Bachelor, proposes to. Later, one of those girls reverses the role and in turn, is to be won over by around 30 men, all of whom also fall in love with her at first sight. Then in the follow...

The Greta Thunberg hate train

Photo used courtesy of Creative Commons

Claire Yang

February 7, 2020

Why conservatives’ hatred for Greta Thunberg is ignorant and shameful

Xenophobia in the music industry

Korean-pop group BTS broke into the American music industry the past couple years

Zara Iqbal and Claire Yang

February 7, 2020

Entertainment award shows discriminate against non-English speaking artists


Illustration | Claire Yang

Michelle Chen and Zara Iqbal

December 20, 2019

Taking away likes on Instagram is beneficial to our mental health

Middle of the pack: Why being labeled as a leader or a follower is wrong

Differentiating when it is optimal to be a leader

Emily Xia

November 22, 2019

Being a follower versus being a leader