El Estoque

COVID-19’s impact on college life

Ligier says she misses her teammates very much, and they continue to FaceTime nearly everyday.

Stuti Upadhyay

April 6, 2020

Exploring the impacts of online learning on college students and their college experience

Fighting for Rights

Graphic by Sarah Young

Anushka De, Shuvi Jha, Andie Liu, Tanish Mendki, Sean Yagi, and Sarah Young

November 15, 2019

Workers in our local community are constantly fighting for their rights. Teachers strive to expose all their students to LGBTQ texts and history. The League of Women Voters campaigns to register teenagers to vote and increase voter turnout. Librarians go on strike to demand for improved working conditions. Read this package about the process and the emotions that characterize these endeavors. 

In pursuit of happiness

In pursuit of happiness

ZaZu Lippert

March 2, 2018

he pursuit of happiness. One of the three “unalienable rights” recognized by the founding fathers of the U.S. when they created the Declaration of Independence. Although finding happiness may have been important to the founders of the country, studies show that Americans are currently prioritizing happ...

Deciphering Feminism

Deciphering Feminism

Shuvi Jha

January 29, 2018

was the year women's voices were allowed to ring loud and free as the #MeToo movement pushed for equality. It was the year when White House adviser Kellyanne Conway refused to call herself a feminist “because it [seemed] to be very anti-male and very pro-abortion,” and the year when “Wonder Woma...