El Estoque

House Fire on Cheryl Drive


Rachel Jiang

October 5, 2020

Assessing the perspectives of spectators and owners of the home during the incident

Ballot Box

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Ayah Ali-Ahmad, Devin Gupta, Rachel Jiang, Kripa Mayureshwar, Riya Ravuri, and Nika Zamani

October 1, 2020

Exploring local politics in our community

Rampant wildfires lead to poor air quality for weeks

Photo by Tanish Mendki.

Tina Low, Gavin Hung, Ayah Ali-Ahmad, Sean Yagi, Minjae Kang, Jefferson Le, and Arjan Madan

September 23, 2020

Recently, wildfires have been rapidly spreading throughout the West, most heavily affecting California, Oregon and Washington. These fires are mainly attributed the series of dry lightning storms that have struck throughout the past month, and have noticeably affected the air quality throughout these...

Cupertino Historical Society and Museum starts new project: Cupertino Speaks


Rachel Jiang and Tina Low

May 29, 2020

City residents analyze the importance of documenting the history of COVID-19 in their community

CSUs and UCs suspend standardized testing requirements

Picuture used from The California State University website

Lance Tong

May 22, 2020

Exploring perspectives on how changes to college application requirements will impact MVHS students

FUHSD implements credit/no-credit grading in response to COVID-19

FUHSD implements credit/no-credit grading in response to COVID-19

Robert Liu and Devin Gupta

May 13, 2020

Despite community opposition, board of trustees unanimously vote to reaffirm new grading system

Maatcha.me online release

Photo courtesy of Ian Chen

Devin Gupta, News Editor

May 9, 2020

FUHSD students chat and find new friends on student-built platform