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Defining the fan (Quarantine Edition)

Amber Milesi, Staff Writer February 12, 2021

https://soundcloud.com/amber-milesi/definefan The sounds are a nonstop entourage of delight. And it starts with the never-ending cheering, chanting and applause from thousands of bodies packed together...

An example of a page that users can create in Notion.

A notion to planning

Anna Jerolimov February 12, 2021
How students use the organizational application Notion to organize their lives

Hayden Christensen returns to the Obi-Wan Kenobi Series

Minjae Kang February 11, 2021
What Star Wars fans at MVHS think about Christensen’s return
Science teacher Kyle Jones streams Minecraft on Twitch.

Twitch bans sexually-focused insults

Sean Yagi, Staff Writer February 7, 2021
The live streaming platform’s recent policy change has been met with skepticism
'The Misanthrope': Behind the Camera

‘The Misanthrope’: Behind the Camera

After having to postpone last year’s Spring Play, Mamma Mia, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MV Drama department has put together and released its first virtual play: “The Misanthrope." Loosely set...

iKon's Bobby poses in a choreographed fight for the

Bobby exceeds expectations with his second solo album ‘Lucky Man’

Tyler Cho January 31, 2021
The latest album from iKon’s main rapper merges vintage-inspired rap tones with new experimental styles
A scene from senior Conner Yin's music video for his song,

From the soul

Diya Bahl January 26, 2021
Exploring the motivation behind MVHS students’ own music
A collage featuring Dark Academia (left) and Cottagecore (right)

Cottagecore vs. Dark Academia: A detailed comparison

Shivani Madhan January 26, 2021
Exploring the popularity and controversies surrounding two trendy aesthetics
A digital drawing made by Olivia Tsui of her friend's character Finn.

“That’s not REAL art”

Mikaylah Du, Staff Writer January 26, 2021
Exploring what is or isn't considered proper art
A scene from Aligarh (2015)

Queer Characters are Absent in Bollywood Films

Anika Sharma January 23, 2021
Examining the lack of queer representation in Bollywood
50 silver linings of the pandemic

50 silver linings of the pandemic

Michelle Chen January 19, 2021
25 advantages of online school your normal side enjoys compared to 25 advantages your “inner-MVHS student” enjoys
Lu and Zhou pose with their paperback versions of

Tempo: Two teenagers’ perspectives on the pace of life

Anjali Singh January 5, 2021
Seniors Jasmine Lu and Alice Zhou release a collection of poetry and literary pieces on mental health and young adulthood
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