El Estoque

Finish your homework or get a good night’s sleep?

Karishma Mehrotra

October 20, 2011

Note from the editor: On Oct. 10, questions and comments regarding this blog post circulated in comments on the post itself and throughout various social media. Before the editorial staff had the opportunity to discuss the concerns of readers, the author of the article deleted the post and its comme...

TwoCast: Episode 1

TwoCast: Episode 1

Angela Liu

October 7, 2011

Angela Liu and Nona Penner are TwoCast. Together, we fail so that you can succeed. This time, the TwoCasters bake "American Bread," without using a recipe, skills, preparation, measuring tools, or yeast. The end result? Watch to find out. ...

First experiences

Nellie Brosnan

October 6, 2011

Life is the sum of experiences. Or more importantly, the sum of first experiences. Life is about your first trip to the zoo, your first family vacation, your first broken bone or first crush. These experiences make up our day-to-day lives and are the only things that we care about when we die. Food,...

To: the girl who sits alone

Amelia Yang

October 6, 2011

Dear stranger, It’s a bright morning before school, on the chilly side but warm wherever the sun shines. You are sitting by yourself on a bench, waiting patiently for the day to begin. Although you are alone, you don’t look lonely at all. In fact, you wave at acquaintances quite often. I think to...

To: the boy at the library

Amelia Yang

September 15, 2011

Dear stranger, It’s a hot summer day, I’m sitting by myself and you have caught my eye. I noticed you because you are the only person here looking at the bookshelves. It seems a little ironic because we’re in a library, but nevertheless, it sets you apart. You look a the top shelf first and bend ...