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Farhad and Nick Soliman

October 3, 2022

Farhad and Nick Soliman stand in front of a rack of clothes and other items they plan to sell. Photo by Alyssa Yang

Cupertino resident Farhad and his son Nick Soliman hosted a garage sale to sell off unneeded furnishings after their recent home remodel that finished three months ago. Farhad sold paintings, frames, chairs and lamps that no longer matched the space in his home.

Farhad also sold various sporting goods, such as tennis and baseball gear and his bike. He bought his bike two years ago, but rarely rode it and decided he would be better off selling it.

“My wife said, let’s buy a bike each and we’ll go [biking], right?” Farhad said. “[We] never did.”

This was Farhad’s first time participating in a garage sale in the last few years, and he appreciated how the citywide event brought increased traffic to his home, allowing him to sell his bike for a “substantial amount.”

“It’s been non-stop traffic,” Farhad said. “We started business at 9 o’clock. If I did it on a regular weekend, we’d probably get about five people stopping by.”

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