Athlete of the Month

Jeremy Wu


Stuti Upadhyay

As a child, junior Jeremy Wu was extremely athletic, trying out various teams sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey. However, no sport really seemed to click until fourth grade, when Wu tried tennis.3

Since fourth grade, Wu has excelled at tennis, entering high school and playing on the MVHS varsity team since freshman year. Currently, Wu plays singles one for MVHS, typically given to the best player on the team. Coming off last year’s season, in which the team placed seventh among the top 16 teams in the nation, Wu admits that there is a large amount of pressure on him and the rest of the team to perform at a high level again. Nonetheless, Wu believes that the pressure has enabled him to perform by pushing him out of his comfort zone, and explains that he is playing well (much better than he personally expected) this season.

As a whole, tennis has helped Wu relax and enjoy himself regardless of what type of stress and challenges he is facing off the court. In the future, Wu hopes to play college tennis at Carnegie Mellon University.