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Sick Scrunchies

How two sophomores started their own hair tie business

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Sick Scrunchies

Rucha Soman

Sophomores and siblings Shanna and Laney Goldman started their scrunchie-making business spontaneously. One day, Shanna decided to make a scrunchie out of old fabric lying around the house. She then gave that scrunchie to her friend, who wore it to school and received great compliments from her tablemates. From there began the twins’ innovative journey.

At first, Shanna was making free scrunchies for free, but when she started needing more fabric, she started charging $1 per scrunchie. As the amount of their orders increased, Laney got involved in the physical process of making scrunchies. Before this, Laney had primarily managed their Instagram account: @SickScrunchies.

One of their customers, sophomore Sachi Roy, bought scrunchies from Sick Scrunchies after hearing about them from a friend.

Sophomore Shanna Goldman makes a green scrunchie from scratch. She and Laney sometimes work on them during lunch at school. Photo by Rucha Soman.

“Most of the time, store-bought scrunchies are either too small for my hair or way too lose, [but] their scrunchies fit my hair perfectly,” Roy said. “I think I’ve bought 9 scrunchies from them.”

Shanna made that initial scrunchie for Laney out of velvet from an old Goodwill shirt. She wanted to sew something, so she took to Pinterest for inspiration.

“I was thinking that [a scrunchy] was really nice because it was super easy and I wasn’t going to mess it up,” Shanna said. “I didn’t want to make a big shirt or something because I was probably going to mess it up and ruin all this nice fabric”.

According to the Goldmans’, it takes 20 minutes to make a scrunchie, but with their large amount of orders, they have a system to manage everything. Instead of working on one scrunchie at a time, they do the same step to multiple scrunchies.

Shanna has time on her hands because she doesn’t do extracurricular activities. However, next year, she doesn’t know if she’ll continue with her hobby due to the academic rigor of her junior year schedule.

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