Growing in faith

Roots Christian Club presidents explain how being an officer has changed them

For presidents and seniors Emerald Lam and Iris Dong, joining the Christian Club has allowed them to find a place at school to express their faith and mature both mentally and spiritually. Read the Q&A below to hear their thoughts on the club.

Senior Emerald Lam

El Estoque: How did you first get involved in the club?

Senior Emerald Lam: I went to Christian Club when I was a freshman. My sisters are three years older than me —  at the time they were still at MVHS and they introduced me to the club. One of my sisters was an officer at the time, and that’s why I went.

Senior Iris Dong: I’ve grown up in the church and my sister was actually a part of the club too, and she’s two years older, so I just decided to join. I was definitely never against showing my Christianity on campus and definitely wanted to find a group of campus friends that were Christian and have a day of the week to learn about my faith rather than just the weekends. Church is always on the weekends, so Christian Club was a perfect spot for that.

EE: Why did you decide to become an officer for the club?

EL: At first my sister was kind of like, “You should just do it for legacy purposes,” and I kind of liked the idea, and so I was an officer last year. But after fully understanding what it takes to be an officer, I really enjoyed that leadership role in the club.

ID: Within my church I already have leadership roles, and so I might as well segue into the campus. I really felt like I was willing and able, and not afraid to show people I’m Christian. So by being an officer I could hopefully lead by example and show other people that this is how Christians should really act on campus.

Senior Iris Dong

EE: What does the club provide for MVHS?

ID: First of all, we provide a community, so if you’re on campus and you’re maybe scared, or have questions, definitely come to Christian Club. Our officers and advisor are all Christian and we can definitely provide our perspective. It really provides a place to answer questions, like sometimes we have events that invite people who are non-religious or [believe in] different religions, and we can definitely answer questions or spark curiosity for those on campus.

EL: We try our best to create a super fun environment, Christians and non-Christians, and just feel safe. I know MVHS is a place where it’s very competitive and very hard to feel comfortable, but we are trying to create an environment where people can come and just have fun.

EE: What plans does the club have for this semester?

EL: Last year, we did a week-long sermon called “Why Jesus,” and this year we’re trying to do the same thing again. [It’s] not “Why Jesus,” but something very similar, and should be near the beginning of April.

ID: We’re definitely trying to do the same thing and try to get Pastor Brian Hwang [again]. Hopefully we can answer questions, make a statement that we are here on campus and that you can always find us if you need us.

I know MVHS is a place where it’s very competitive and very hard to feel comfortable, but we are trying to create an environment where people can come and just have fun.”

— Senior Emerald Lam

EE: Are there any misconceptions about the club you have heard before?

EL: Everyone thinks we’re a gardening club because we have “Roots” in [our club name]. And with “Why Jesus”, a lot of people thought it was a joke but people still came, and that’s all we really ask for. We got like 300 kids last year, which was crazy.

ID: Sometimes I’ve heard that it’s weird that we’re [doing praise], but really, sometimes we do worship and that’s just praise, like choir but in a spiritual way. And you’ve heard that music represents things where words cannot; it’s an interesting way to use words. And it’s a non-academic club, so sometimes [people] are like, “Why would you waste your time there,” but I think it’s really nice because you also get to bond with people and relax.