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Homecoming 2018

Explore all MVHS' Pixar themed homecoming week, updated every day.

About the Writers
Ruth Feng, Managing Editor
Ruth Feng is a managing editor of El Estoque. Aside from journalism, she likes to watch reruns of The Office and West Wing.
Alyssa Hui, Entertainment Editor
Alyssa Hui is currently a junior and an entertainment editor for El Estoque. She loves to dance and is also apart of the MVHS's dance team. In her free time, she likes to play with her dogs,, hang out with friends, read books and watch movies.
Jahan Razavi, Entertainment Editor
Jahan is a junior and second year writer on El Estoque as well as being an Entertainment editor for print. He has participated in several international engineering conferences and his papers can be found on Google Scholar and IEEE Xplore.
Rucha Soman, staff writer
Rucha is a second year staff writer for El Estoque. In her free time she likes to play soccer, dance and watch Netflix.