Leading a Lasting Legacy

MVHS Bhangra captains adjust to role of leadership


Jai Uparkar

The odds seem to be stacked against the captains of MV Bhangra. It is  the first time in many years that all the leaders are new to the position. On top of that, they are responsible for finding new and upcoming talent for the team, as nine seniors — about half of their team — had graduated last school year.The new Bhangra captains include juniors Arnav Hemmedy and Ishani Singh and seniors Priya Gundavajhala and Nandhini Pandurangan.

Although they are all adjusting to their new role, they are excited for the upcoming year. In an efforts to recruit students for the Friday after-school workshops, MV Bhangra created a promo video based off of the #KiKiChallenge that went viral over the summer.