El Estoque

Cooking up a new year

About the Writers
Helen Chao, Managing Editor
Helen Chao is currently a senior who likes an afternoon snack of hot coffee and cookies. She is currently one of three managing editors and was formerly a Features section editor.
Sunjin Chang, News Editor
Sunjin Chang is currently a senior and news editor. Previously she was a visuals editor. In her free time, she plays the piano and her favorite fruit is mangoes. She enjoys napping whenever she has time for it.
Hannah Lee, Entertainment Editor
Hannah Lee is a sophomore at MVHS and the entertainment editor for multimedia. She enjoys listening to music, trying new dessert places and pursuing business ventures.
Oishee Misra, Staff Writer
Oishee Misra is currently a first-year staff writer for El Estoque. She enjoys trying new food, hanging out with her friends, watching Netflix, and is obsessed with dogs.