El Estoque

Society’s Peas: the hidden stories in our community

Sophomore Brett Park doesn’t like peas. There’s something about the way the vegetable tastes, how it releases slightly sweet, lukewarm juice that fills him with disgust. He hates the way the slightest touch peels open the skin of a pea, making his fingers sticky with liquid.

He’s felt this way as long as he can remember, his hatred for peas remaining constant and unwavering. It’s why, as a young child, he would push his peas away, setting them aside and ignoring them until the whole plate was wiped clean except for those green particles piling on top of each other.

To see how Park’s feelings toward peas translate to his social media campaign, Society Peas, click here or on the link below: https://mvelestoque.atavist.com/society-peas.