Powderpuff playoffs


Ruth Feng

Additional reporting by Rana Aghababazadeh


As the lunch bell rang on the Tuesday of the first day of the 2018 Powderpuff games, MVHS students and staff hurried to the bleachers overlooking the football field, hoping to find the best possible view of the games in spirit of MV Madness week. The bleachers were a sea of lavender and yellow, which were the respective class colors of the competing freshman class of 2021 and junior class of 2019.

With the game ending with a score of 21-7, the juniors celebrated their victory by crowding into a circle and congratulating each other, advancing to the final game. Both teams showed immense class pride, as seen by the cheering crowds throughout the games and the halftime shows.

Powderpuff Day 1


After an exciting game between the freshmen and the juniors the previous day, the stadium filled once again as students came to watch the sophomore class of 2020 play against the senior class of 2018. Within the first half of the game, the seniors were able to take their first touchdown off an interception, giving them a 7-0 lead.

The sophomores crowded to the center of the field as they jumped over each other followed by a series of flips. After the sophomore halftime performance, the seniors got ready on the field as they stood turned away from the crowd, a new starting pose compared to the other teams and began their halftime performance. With the seniors forming a heart while lifting each other up, the halftime performances came to an end. During the second half, the game continued to progress as flags were pulled and players tackled each other.  

The game came to an end at 7-0, with the seniors taking the win. With the juniors and seniors up for the final game the next day, students were excited to see if the juniors would continue last year’s winning streak or if the seniors would be able to secure a win in their final Powderpuff game.

Powderpuff 2018: 2020 vs 2018


With high levels of excitement throughout the day, students from all grades rushed to the football field at lunch to watch the final game between the juniors and the seniors. Not only was this the final ending to the three days of Powderpuff games. Due to this, most of the bleachers were filled with students dressed head to toe in purple and yellow. Students came running to find the best seat in the house.

With the sound of the horn, the final game began. The juniors first held possession of the ball and made their way up the field as the senior defense started off strong. There was no warm-up or leniency towards each other. Both sides grabbed at the other’s flags, pulling a flag every few seconds. As people from the bleachers cheered for their respective teams, the juniors made their first touchdown, putting them in a lead of 7-0.

Although the halftime performances were the same routine as the previous days, both performances brought loud cheers from the crowd. With a few seconds left before the beginning of the second half, the results for the cheers were announced with the freshmen taking fourth place, sophomores taking third place, seniors taking second place and the juniors taking first place.

The second half started with the ball under the seniors’ possession. Within a matter of a few passes, the juniors intercepted a pass from the seniors. As time passed, the game began to get much more intense. Unfortunately, there was a collision that resulted in junior Jessica Ji and senior Jessie Pao being removed from the game so that they could tend to their injuries. Fortunately, both of the players were able to share an ice bag as they continued cheering for their teams. Moments before the buzzer went off, the juniors were able to take their second touchdown, ending the game with a final score of 14-0.

The juniors erupted in cheers as they formed a circle and celebrated their second championship. Though the rivalry during the game was intense, after the juniors scored their final touchdown, the seniors also erupted into cheers.

Powderpuff 2018: Final game