A look at MV Raas’ past year


Chetana Ramaiyer

Since the summer of 2017, the MV Raas captains have been working to choreograph routines for performances in the upcoming school year. Once the year began, they hit the ground running with workshops and tryouts. On top of that, they wanted to find any MVHS staff members who would agree to be an advisor for their club, which is a large commitment as they must be present for all practices and performances. Around Sept., they were finally able to become a club as they worked with MV Bhangra to share an advisor. Becoming a club allowed the team to practice on school and perform at rallies, something they have not been able to do in three years. From team sleepovers to getting food shows, MV Raas is not just a club, but a family. Watch the video below to take a look at MV Raas’ team over the past year.

Watch the video below to hear more from members of the MV Raas team.