Neutral Density Films prepares for their first production of the year


Vivian Chiang

Neutral Density (ND) Films is currently producing their first film of the year, a comedy sketch about a boy whose high-five is left hanging. The film starts off at a couch in front of a plasma screen television, with two friends playing video games. When one of the boys holds his hand up for a high-five, his friend doesn’t reciprocate. Being the stubborn teenager that he is, he continues to hold his hand up in the air while attempting to live a normal life, until his high-five is returned.

ND Films club secretary sophomore Nick Jiang plays the lead role, and sophomore Willy Liou acts as the second main character. The other officers are in charge of writing the scenes, directing, filming and editing the media.

While short and amusing, the movie’s primary purpose was for the officer team to become more accustomed to the cameras and gear that were left behind by the more experienced senior officers who graduated the past year. Although the current officers acknowledge that filming and editing take significant time and effort, they expect to release the film by early April so they can transition to making bigger films and holding workshops for newer club members.

Check out the footage below for a sneak-peek of ND Film’s first movie.

Video used with permission from Neel Chaudhari