Covered in stickers


Michelle Wong

Be it stickers or patches, the colorful arrangements of items displayed on laptops, phone cases and backpacks around MVHS characterizes the diverse community of students on campus. Whether for aesthetic purposes or simply out of nostalgia, personalizing items has been a rapidly-growing trend in MVHS. Read below to learn how three students make their possessions a little more theirs.

Senior Min Hoo Lee

Since freshman year, senior Min Hoo Lee has been displaying the stickers he has received at hackathons to represent his love for tech. While some of his friends like covering their laptops with stickers haphazardly, Lee prefers to arrange them in a pattern to maintain the organized appearance of his laptop. Although he no longer places stickers on his laptop because he keeps changing them, he keeps a large collection of stickers in a folder and hopes to stick them on in the future.

Junior Mahina Haughey

A lover of aesthetics, junior Mahina Haughey decided to start collecting stickers that were both pretty and personal to customize her laptop. Whether they’re related to her favorite shows and books or simply to personalize her items, Haughey feels that the stickers on her everyday items remind her of “a sense of self.”

Senior Priscilla Siow

Although she initially started decorating her laptop because many of her friends had, the stickers have become an embodiment of her beliefs and values. She is particularly fond of the ‘Steminist’ sticker on the center of laptop cover, as it is a combination of her love for STEM and identity as a feminist. Although she thinks her stickers may convey to others that she is a “hard-core feminist,” she hopes to spread her passion for what the stickers represent.