Senior parking is for seniors, hence the name


Mallika Singh

The back of the parking lot has been coined “senior parking” by many of the student drivers at MVHS. But senior parking, a necessity for any senior who drives, is now occupied by the MVHS renovations for a new gym. It has become an issue, to say the least. Everyone wants to park at the back — it’s closest to the entrance that opens into the rally court or heads towards the back of the school. So it’s easy to see why blocking off an entire row where everyone wants to park is going to cause some people, myself included, to be upset.

The second two rows of the parking rows are full due to the construction. Photo by Mallika Singh.

I know it can seem like senior parking is nothing to get worked up about, but when you’re a senior, it’s kind of a big deal. It’s like a right of passage: when you’re a senior, you get the best parking spots. As a junior, I didn’t understand any of this. I didn’t mind parking in the middle – it was close to my first class of the day and finding parking was never extremely difficult. I was content and honestly, just glad to have made it through the traffic getting to school. I always thought ‘what’s the big deal about senior parking, it’s a stupid parking spot.

But as a senior, I’ve realized that it’s not just a stupid parking spot; it’s actually a big relief and a timesaver. Parking in the middle of the parking lot is no fun. It’s hard to find your car in a sea of them, it enters near the F building which is not at all convenient and it takes a million years to get to your car because everyone exits the school from the back, near the portables. Basically, it’s a hassle that no one wants to deal with. Especially not when you wake up late and rush out of the house to make it to first period.

The first row of senior parking is taken up by the construction site. Photo by Mallika Singh.

Now, it is clear that the restrictions on senior parking are already a problem but on top of it, there are juniors parking in senior parking — and it’s infuriating. I don’t understand this. Why, when there are already limited parking spots in senior parking, would a junior attempt to park there? The area is called senior parking for a reason. Everyone must wait their turn; no jumping ahead. It’s simply a matter of fairness. Only when you are a senior can you park in senior parking. Wait. Your. Turn.

The idea of waiting your turn can be applied throughout senior year. Seniors always win the rallies. We can blame our lack of motivation on senioritis. They’re rights that you get once you’re a senior. Not a moment sooner. Not only this, but it’s the simple senior traditions: seniors break through the paper wall during rallies, senior sunrise, senior all night party. In a lot of ways, being a senior comes with privileges and senior parking is just one of them. Being a senior gives you a sense of pride. That pride is something you have to wait for.