A Two Part Process: How MVHS students are using the PSAT to prepare for the SAT


Aditya Dash

As sophomore Keshav Taneja receives his scores for the PSAT exam, he looks forward to ways in which he can prepare to take the next big test: the SAT. Taneja is hoping to perform well through the use of strategies and advice from his tutor. Taneja is also trying to do well the SAT in order to look for opportunities for the future.

“I feel like the PSAT [scores I got] was the benchmark, so I think [I learned that in the] reading sections there are a lot of strategies you need to know in order to do well [and] the math section [for me] is just preparation,” Taneja said. “[Students must] set goals and be disciplined and if you are setting goals for yourself you must stay on track for that goal.”

Similarly, sophomore Andy Zhang is using the PSAT as a way to measure where he is currently, as he believes that the PSAT showed him which skills he must improve on in order to get the score he desires. Still, Zhang plans on using a variety of tools to help prepare for the SAT.

“I am going to do diagnostic tests in order to prepare for the SAT,” Zhang said. “[Summer classes] are useless for me and I think that they are a waste of money.”

However, Taneja is waiting until this summer to prepare, as he plans to enroll in SAT preparation classes in order to learn new strategies that he can also employ during the exam.

“Most likely I will do [classes at] Elite or Excel [which are test preparation centers],” Taneja said. “I think at Elite and Excel also they give you some tips on how to take the test properly so you can maximize your chances of success. It is basically tips [to use] when you are reading [and also] like knowing what you need to label.”

Taneja is also happy about having an older sibling who has gone through the entire process. Taneja believes that having a sibling who has taken the exam helps him know what to expect.

“[My older sibling] told me to set goals for yourself [to] get to a certain point in a certain time,” Taneja said. “And [if you] eventually set goals for yourself at the proper time, you will get to your desirable score.”

The SAT Process Breakdown. Infographic made using Canva.

Sophomore Sachin Sharma is relying on the MVHS SAT preparation classes in order to get ready for the test. He believes that the one week course provided by MVHS is going to help him in getting a good score and also is a way in which he can spend his time wisely.

“[For the SAT], I have a vocabulary set that I can study for couple of hours, and I think I should be familiar with the test structure in order to make it easier on myself while taking the test,” Sharma said.

Sharma believes that most of the times, students must mentally prepare for the SAT and be focused on the test in order to be successful.

“Re-reading my answers during the test, double checking the questions and using my time wisely by knowing when to skip it or not to will help me during the test and make it easier for me to get the score I want,” Sharma said.