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Who’s on the cover of TIME?

Ruth Feng

On Dec. 6, 2017, TIME magazine released their person of the year issue, and this year, it wasn’t just one person. The magazine cover features five women, given the name “The Silence Breakers,” all wearing black. None of these women are the same — but one woman can be recognized as one of the biggest popstars in the world — Taylor Swift.


TIME Magazine

Many may not know what Swift has gone through in the past year. El Estoque has done previous reporting of the issue in this article. To sum up, Swift was groped by DJ David Mueller in 2013, in which she decided to sue him for a single dollar. This choice resonated with many women, as it was simply done to raise awareness and to make a point.

As many social events do, this sparked controversy on Twitter. Many thought she was unworthy of the cover, when creator of the #metoo campaign, Tarana Burke, was not featured on the cover of the movement she started years ago. The reason behind this remains unclear. Even though I would have liked to see Burke on the cover, Taylor Swift is definitely not in the wrong place.

Some people called Swift out for “doing nothing” to deserve the cover:

Others felt that Swift was wrongly chosen over other candidates, such as singer and activist Kesha:

But taking up a majority of the crowd, supporters of TIME’s decision spoke up for what they believed in:

Many “swifties” came to their idol’s rescue with hard facts:

I am personally not a fan of Swift’s. Her unnecessary drama with Kanye West and sneaky marketing plans do not draw me in to become a “Swiftie.” However, I will stand by Taylor Swift while she graces the cover of TIME (and rocks that dark lipstick).

At the end of the day, regardless of the volume of the assault, victims are victims. Victims are survivors. Survivors are survivors. Hollywood has finally been exposed, and there is only moving forward from here. Women especially need to band together and show support for each other. If we are divided now, there is no telling its effects on the world around us.

The change we wish to see is fully dependant on how much support we offer to anyone, regardless of wealth or status or reputation. If you don’t listen to Taylor Swift, that’s fine. But the least you can do is respect her.

Stay right where you are, Taylor, cause we’ve got your back.

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