MV Astro reaches for their new goals


Chelsea Wong

In room D101, small chatter floated between seated students and laughing amusingly over a homemade Jeopardy game. President and junior Christian Chiong and Vice President and junior Eric Yang hosted the first meeting of the year of MV Astronomy and Astrophysics.


The club was founded as a result of Chiong and Yang’s personal interests in astronomy. After they realized seeing that there was no existing club at MVHS to cater to that interest, they set out to organize one themselves.


“I’ve been interested in astronomy since [I was] four or five years old.” Yang said. “I always wanted to learn more about astronomy. I wanted to create one so other people can realize how interesting astronomy is, by stargazing events or learning about different topics.”


MV Astro was only created in the past year, so they didn’t hold enough events than they have would’ve planned to. But this year, they were able to expand their club because of the larger influx of members. The club consists of many different elements because they wanted to combine Olympiad and with a specific-driven courses of astronomy. These events will include star-gazing events and held discussions about recent discoveries.


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