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Softball: Team falls against Santa Clara HS

Stephanie Lam

Softball Vs. Santa Clara 3/21/17

During the first inning, parents and friends of the MVHS girls softball team sat quietly on the bleachers. Meanwhile, on the other side of the bleachers, SCHS fans cheered. Everyone was focused on the scoreboard, which read the score: 5-0

Despite a rough first and second inning, during the Matadors game against SCHS on March 21, the Matadors were able to make a three run comeback in the third inning before ultimately losing 8-4.

With growing cheers from the crowd and encouraging words from the team, senior Mika Maenaga came up to bat during the third inning and struck the ball, sending it high into the air and to the outfield. The Madators first home run had teammates junior Aly Olkein, sophomore Irene Mc Nelis and sophomore Stephanie Yoshimoto racing through the bases and eventually sliding feet first into home plate.

The Matadors runs helped to build momentum, and with another run in the fourth inning, they were only two shy of tying with SCHS. But quick passing by SCHS players, unexpected bunts, and hits into the Matadors open space were factors that led to SCHS being able to maintain their lead.

After multiple foul balls and attempted runs towards home plate from both teams, the game ended with a score of 8-4 in SCHS’s favor.

“We’re always trying to to build and improve. Every game has its different little things,” coach Raymond Teixeira said. “Today we weren’t sharp, we weren’t executing offensively, so it’s something to build on and work forward towards.”