CSF finishes up written round of officer applications


Jessica Xing

On Friday, Jan. 13, the California Scholarship Fund officers narrowed down the first round of applicants for the new officer team this semester. These new recruits will be replacing vacant positions after senior officers Elliot Ryu, Catherine Yi, Tiffany Tsang and Ruoyun Zheng graduate.

According to Vice President of Membership Zheng, the current officer team, on Friday, finished the first round’s review. Next week, these applicants will then proceed to the face-to-face interview.

“We look for dedication and experience, especially in leadership,” Zheng said. “What really pushes that for me is the ‘officer for a day’, but that is not the only criteria. We also look for how much we think they’ll be willing to put effort into CSF, because a lot of kids have a lot of activities outside of the, but as an officer they’ll have a lot of responsibilities and they’ll have to take a lot of their time to dedicate to CSF, so we also look at how they rank the club within in their own life.”

Because the officer team’s structure changes with what is needed for CSF to be successful, co-president Yi thinks it’s important that the new officer team understands CSF’s values.

“We value being a part of not only the MVHS community, but the larger community as well, by volunteering at local schools and local events.” Yi said, “We also greatly value being able to help the community all while striving for academic accomplishments because we are an honors society as well. We are looking for people who can protect those values and further our club when we leave.”

As the seniors prepare to graduate, Zheng shares the direction she hopes the club continues to take.

“I hope that CSF will be more like a community,” Zheng said, “I know that when we first started out, CSF wasn’t the biggest volunteering club, but last semester we were told that it’s the biggest volunteer club now with the most active members. Even though we are like a big club, we hopefully will end up being very community-focused, not just in service but also internally.”