Homecoming week through the eyes of leadership


Hannan Waliullah

As the clock strikes 9:55 a.m., students feed into the gym in crowds of gold, white, lavender and purple. The walls of the room are lined with meticulously-crafted posters, a showing of the Leadership class’s planning. As the first performance starts, leadership stands on the sides of the basketball court, ready to give it their all.

This is it.

Homecoming. The event that leadership has been planning since the end of the summer has finally come at the rally. After late nights and early mornings, the leadership class is finally ready to showcase what it has worked so hard for. But how long does Homecoming take to plan? All of the skits, decorations, dress up days, rally preparations, dance set ups, Homecoming Court – that is certainly a long to-do list for every class officer and ASB representative.

Watch the video to see how leadership prepares for homecoming week:


Additional Reporting By Albert Wang