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MVHS’s Microfinance Club holds third annual Culture Night

On April 30, MVHS Microfinance Club hosted their own Cultural Night in the auditorium to raise money and awareness for Kiva, a non-profit microfinance organization that gives loans to low-income entrepreneurs. The night included many performances, such as ones from the Marquesas and MV Bhangra. There were also informational presentations from MVHS DesignIt co-president senior May Cui and HP representative Lisa Conover regarding non-profits and Kiva. Keep reading to see snippets of each performance in order from beginning to end.


Jazz Hands

(Members: Seniors Peter Kim (drums), Kartik Jain (Guitar), Peter Enescu (Guitar), Jay Lee (Piano and vocal), Isabel Zou (Saxophone) and Suhas Anand (Saxophone))
The night started off at around 7:30 p.m. with a fresh and soulful performance from the Jazz band Hot Sax. The group played two songs, one of which was more upbeat while the other had a soft and slower tempo.

On Pointe

Senior Brittany Taam performed a short but beautiful classical ballet performance.

Designing your way to starting a non-profit

Senior May Cui, co-president of MVHS DesignIt, gave a presentation explaining how she and her friends started the non-profit club to promote graphic design, and the obstacles faced while setting up the non-profit.

The worst thing that can happen is your organization does not do what it intended to do because no one knew it was their job to do it.

There’s a lot of obstacles along the way including time commitment issues and decrease of interest within the officers, which are both very understandable things. In times like this where there are things like AP testing, finals, SAT 2, it’s really hard to pursue other activities. And also, high school’s a place where you’re supposed to be constantly exposed to new ideas and things, so changing interest is perfectly understandable.

A burst of color

(Members who performed: sophomores Swathi Chayapathi, Santosh Sivakumar, Mansi Reddy, Gokul Pillai, Mahita Tavarthy and sophomore Advith Gopinath)
The MV Bhangra team brought color to the stage with bright and embellished costumes as they danced to a fusion of Bhangra songs.

A k-poppin’ performance
Sophomore Stacy Park showcased some korean pop culture as she performed korean music artist Zion T.’s song “No Makeup.”.

Connecting the world with Kiva

Lisa Conover, a representative from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, explained how her team works with Kiva along with people from around the world to help low-income entrepreneurs.

I work in a team called Living Progress and Living Progress is really the framework of how HPE does business. Living Progress is all about uniting people, ideas and technology to solve the world’s toughest challenges. It does that by making a difference in communities both here, locally, as well as globally.

So on the Living Progress team, I support the HPE foundation and I manage the programs and foundation. One of our strategic programs is called Matter to a Million, which is our partnership with Kiva.

Feeling incomplete without the Marquesas

(sophomore Kristin Li, juniors Riona Guha, Vivian Zhang, Cherie Kim, Linnea Cheek and Allison Niu, senior Allana Evans,Naomi Wang and Carissa Yee)
The MVHS dance team, Marquesas, performed a contemporary dance to “Incomplete” by James Bay, executed smoothly and with coordination.

Dancing boys only

The Mens 2016 Dance Crew, a majority of whom are students from Lynbrook High School, performed a hip hop dance to a medley of pop songs.

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