Meet the Web Development Club


Chetana Ramaiyer

Every Friday, in room E203, students of the Web Development Club meet to learn new information about different coding languages.

“It basically teaches basic web development skills to all the members,” WebDev officer sophomore Kashish Singal said. “[They are] languages that you would need to make a website, mostly for beginners.”

Members are taught a variety of languages, like CSS and HTML, that are used to make websites. Freshman Karl Goeltner says that the languages that are taught are valuable for the members when they go to other competitions.

“We also have a new mobile [development] portion this year,” Singal said. “So we can teach students how to make apps.”

The club is split into two branches: mobile and website development, and although all the information is taught in the same meeting, the two concepts are very different.

During one of the meetings, president senior Ajay Jain gives a powerpoint on the topic of that day.

Although the information taught is valuable to the members of the club, the club itself is not very popular.
“I would wish for WebDev to be more popular,” Goeltner said. “So the club can gain traction and more competition within creating websites.”
In a typical meeting, there are only about five to ten members present.

Sophomores Amogh Patankar and Nate Stevens type along as Jain gives the powerpoint presentation.

During a normal meeting, senior Ajay Jain, the president, will introduce the new topics that they are teaching that day. He will then give a powerpoint lecture while other officers walk around to help anyone who is confused.
These powerpoints have information and some code, so a lot of the members type along during the powerpoint After the powerpoint, the members are given an activity that uses the new information that was taught. About every month, the officers create a competition for the members based on what they have learned in the past month. This year, the club has had about four to five competitions. Although the club is not popular among students, the variety of different activities ensures that the members understand the concepts and are able to apply it.

Sophomore Nikash Khanna, an officer of the club, helps sophomores Ryan Miranda and Anish Nag while Jain gives the lecture.