Borderlands: Lunch time troubles


Emma Lam

12540035_868580296594105_1569597281_n“Boba is my life!” shouts a girl at the top of her lungs, making her friends laugh.

“Can we not get Subway again?” said another, a boy who looked annoyed at having to go again..

“Chipotle?” cries one student to her friends.

A student makes her way across the parking lot, screaming in joy about how she finally gets to leave campus. A couple stands alone, holding hands, as they wait for their friend to grab her car. The noises all blend together, but the loudest thing in the parking lot is surprisingly not the cars. It’s the people. Many fill the lot, all with a different reason. But one reason voices itself above the crowd.

A few minutes to make a decision about what to eat for lunch. Only a few minutes to figure out a place to go. People panicking to come to a decision with their friends and where to eat. And that’s the dilemma senior Justin Mo faced.

Mo recalls that usually when he goes out to lunch, different groups of people always join him. His friends start to come over and senior Chris Chen, starts to harass Mo about going to lunch. Mo and Chen met towards the ending of eighth grade year, because of their shared love for swim team. As time went on, they began to hang out more and more, joining the MVHS swim team together, and doing countless swim meets with one another. Their friendship had lasted all throughout highschool and has continued for a long period of time.

“Remember that time outside of Pizza My Heart?” said Chen, who starts to laugh.

Mo widens his eyes in shock, then starts laughing his head off.

“One time at a swim meet, we had team bonding at Pizza My Heart.” Mo said. He stops for a minute and turns to Chen. “Which meet again?” he asks.

The two bicker for a bit while trying to remember.


“Oh yeah! Anyways, Chris was pushing me in a cart outside of the restaurant, as fast as he could-” said Mo.

Chris interrupts and says, “You were crying out for me to stop.”

“And we went over a curve- no wait the yellow bumps in the road, and then Chris lost control of me, and I almost fell and died.” Mo ends with a laugh.

After bickering again about how the story ends, the other two friends come over and tell them to go, and with that the two wave goodbye and proclaim that that should go to Pizza My Heart again.

Hopefully, by the beginning of next lunch, they’ll be able to figure out where they’ll go.