Teachers on the Syrian refugee crisis: Pete Pelkey

Pranav Jandhyala

The Syrian Refugee Crisis has become one of the most pressing international issues of this decade. The Syrian Civil war has been going on since the Arab Spring protests of 2011 and has displaced over 12 million Syrians, most of whom are children. Many of these refugees have made desperate attempts to migrate to neighboring countries. This year alone, over 700,000 refugees risked their lives to travel up into Europe. Many European nations have readily opened their borders, but our own government seems to be politically divided on this issue. The influx of new workers and consumers will have profound impacts on the European economy, and possibly even our own. We talked to AP Economics teacher Pete Pelkey to get his take on things.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMYkuOokLGg[/embedyt]