Class president Julia Cho discusses expectations for senior year


Karen Ma

Senior year is the time for winning all rallies, not having any care in the world, and the time to feel unprepared yet eager for college and the greatly anticipated year. To class officers like 2016 president Julia Cho, it’s an opportunity to set and accomplish goals for the class and oneself.

El Estoque: What are your goals for your class this year?
Julia Cho: Getting a lot of people who don’t normally show up to events to come. You know that cheer, the ‘Monta Vista, how do you feel? We feel good, oh we feel so good OH.’ Some people don’t know that. They’ve never heard it before so it’s kind of sad because it’s like our school’s representative cheer, so getting people involved in things like that. Also, winning all the rallies, because it’s senior year; we want to win. And having us all graduate.

DSC_0067EE: What is your main priority as part of class office?
JC: Whenever people message us, we always try to take time to make sure their questions get answered and that they’re clear on everything.

EE: What were some lasting memories from previous years you wish to incorporate this year?
JC: The experience [that was most] representative of our class spirit was Homecoming last year, where we really really really wanted to beat the seniors, so we worked really hard on quad decs, poster-making, the rally and especially the food drive.

EE: How do you plan to achieve those goals?
JC: It takes time, effort and reaching out to people. It’s senior year, so people are going to be more spirited than past years, I’m hoping.

EE: What are some things you want your class to know?
JC: Sometimes class office feels like some judge of popularity, but it’s really not. I just want to [let] people know that I’m someone they can come to with questions. I want to seem as approachable as possible. We’re not just in charge of spirit, we’re also in charge of guiding them through the year.