Students protest silently against anti-LGBT bullying


Avni Prasad

*Correction (May 1): Sophia Alegandre, president of GSA, is a senior 

Students across campus arrived to school on April 24 with colorful pieces of tape across their mouths, many with signs around their necks with the simple phrase “Day of Silence.” A national event created by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, this day of complete silence by participating students brings awareness to LGBTQ students who have been silenced, whether through bullying, violence or a sense of exclusion.

Take a look at the posters senior Sophia Alejandre, president of GSA, hung across the academic quad over the Day of Silence vigil in remembrance of LGBTQ members who have suffered from bullying and harassment.

Additional footage taken by Brandon Chin and Justin Kim

Additional reporting by Kristin Chang