Artists of Monta Vista: Scott Ji


Justin Kim

Junior Scott Ji records himself and his friends during
brunch on September 25, 2014. Ji records himself daily
for his weekly vlog LifeofAJi

Junior Scott Ji has a special way of documenting his everyday life. Ji uses video blogs, more commonly known as “vlogs,” to keep track of events that occur on a daily basis as well as interesting things that occur at MVHS. Motivated by his friend, senior RJ Siu, Ji began vlogging at the end of the summer, hoping to be able to look back on the memories he made throughout high school.

Ji films himself and his friends wherever he finds something interesting occurring whether it be on or off campus. He records a little bit everyday and uses those little clips to showcase the highlights of the week. For one of his latest vlog, Ji and company took on the Diet Cola Mentos challenge as a celebration for hitting 100 subscribers. It goes without saying that the video brought explosive results, garnering 631 views and a 93% approval rating in a week.

For Ji, the ability to reminisce is the most important part of vlogging.

“It’s just cool to be able to record memories and snippets of my life,” Ji said, “And years from now I can look back be like, ‘Wow, I was so stupid back then’ or ‘Wow, look how much things have changed.” Ji looks to continue vlogging in hopes of creating memories and sharing them with viewers.

Ji’s vlogs can be found on his YouTube channel, “LifeOfAJi.”

Videos used with permission of Scott Ji
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Note: This story was reported on by Justin Kim and Aditya Pimplaskar