Field hockey: Five memorable game gifs


Malini Ramaiyer

On Sept. 8, Field Hockey played North Salinas High School for its third game of preseason. Although NSHS scored two goals in the second half and beat MVHS 2-0, the Matadors continued to shoot throughout the game with many close encounters to score.

Eleven minutes into the game, junior Allegra Ziegler Hunts took the first shot against NSHS. Before, although the possession stayed with MVHS, the ball frequently moved between offense to defense due to strong defense from both teams.

In spite of relentless NSHS offense, MVHS defense did not allow a single goal in the first half. In the twenty-third minute, MVHS goalie Susie Han blocked several shots from the center of the circle.

After a first half filled with frequent turnovers, sophomore Danielle Koontz took a hopeful shot, but the NSHS immediately deflected the ball. The team’s offense, especially senior Janaye Sakkas, stayed aggressive and attempted goals throughout the game.

Five minutes into the second half, MVHS earned a short corner inserted by senior Katie Sommers. Sakkas followed with a shot from the top of the circle.

Pressured in the last minutes of the game, the team scrambled to get a goal in. The Matadors did not relent until the whistle blew ending the game with a loss for MVHS at 0-2.

The next home game is on Thursday, Sept. 18 against Leigh High School.

Reported by Malini Ramaiyer and Kalpana Gopalkrishnan