3 new areas of the cafeteria you need to know about

Shuyi Qi

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Now a food court, computer labs, classrooms and other features are being added to the two story building. 

Photos by Catherine Lockwood

[title type=”h3″]1. The first floor[/title]



[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]wo entrances will be on the side of the building facing the parking lot, one of which will include a skylight. The entrances will connect to classrooms that will line the length of the building, including two that were built exclusively for physics. A food court will be on the rally court side of the building, allowing students to flow into the building from one entrance and exit out another entrance.

“Students can go outside to eat or into the cafeteria to eat,” principal April Scott said. “There will be counters in an alcove to get grab-and-go items like fruit, yogurt and things like that.”

The food court will also feature LED panels to display the menu. Behind the food court will be the kitchen along with a laundry room, a dry storage room and a cafeteria manager’s office.

The cafeteria room, which is next to the food court, includes two walls of floor-to-ceiling glass panels that will let in natural light to fill the spacious room. They are currently covered with a protective plastic covering.

“[There are] three sets of doors that are like accordion doors,” said Doug Hammer of the Overaa Construction, who is the superintendent of the project. “So basically, you can open them up and it’ll fold up, and all three of these doors will be wide open to the outside.”

The cafeteria will also feature a drinking fountain, a water refill station, a big projector screen and electronic screens that will cover the large windows on hot days to block the sun. Multiple storage rooms line the back end of the cafeteria. The cafeteria ceiling will be painted black.

The walls will mostly be white along with some purple. Gold walls were originally planned but Scott decided against it, opting for a simpler color scheme.

“There used to be [gold] color in lots of places and I was going to have a heart attack,” Scott said, laughing.

[title type=”h3″]2. The second floor[/title]



[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he second floor will include a few general classrooms, one math classroom, an elevator and two computer labs: one for laptops, one for desktops. So far, most of the classrooms feature either a large window or a skylight to let in natural light.

The second floor will also have two teacher lounges: an interior lounge and an exterior lounge. The interior staff lounge has large slider doors that open up to the balcony-like exterior lounge, which has one wall covered with opaque frosted glass.

“The nice part is that it really gives teachers a break up here away from students where you can sit outside with fresh air, away from the classrooms,” Scott said.

[title type=”h3″]3. The exterior[/title]



[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he amphitheater stairs will include regular walking stairs for students and stairs that are much wider and deeper.

“You can actually stand on them, perform on them. Choirs could be on them [and] you could eat lunch on them,” Scott said.

Solar tubes will also be at the top of the stairs to light the walkways below. In place of what was originally planned to be six sails set on beams, will be twelve sails set on beams at different heights to cover more ground for additional shade. Tables will also be set outside the cafeteria for students to eat on.

While the glass and neutral-colored walls are nearly complete, the gray sides of the building are still waiting to be covered by stucco and bricks to match with the auditorium. Nevertheless, Hammer predicts that everything will be completed soon.

“Two months and we’ll be done with the building inside and out,” he said. “We’re shooting for a little better than that, we’re going for six weeks. We’re actually ahead of schedule which is nice.”

“It’s beautiful, we’re so excited,” Scott said. “It’s a pretty phenomenal building.”

Aside from the staff, the students are also excited about the new cafeteria as they watch the construction progress.

“I think it looks great,” senior Srishti Tawakley said. “Hopefully, if I ever do come back I’ll visit it.”