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Slideshow: Leadership hosts MV MoMA on Feb. 8

Yashashree Pisolkar

On Feb. 8, Leadership hosted its first ever MV MoMa, modeled after the Museum of Modern Art. The event featured a range of student artwork and creative talent as students floated in and out of the mini gallery walk held in the gym.

Last Monday marked the beginning of the first Spirit Week of the year, which celebrated student talent through daily talent shows displaying plenty of musical acts and dances. MV MoMA, the week’s final event, put forward its own distinct vibe.

“I think there’s a lot of talent that isn’t performance-related, but should [still] be exposed to the student body,” sophomore Eric Xu said. As the president and founder of Rex Productions, a film production club at MVHS, Xu seeks student artists to collaborate with for the creation of short videos based off of original student-written content.

Projects were displayed on personalized tables spread throughout the gym, while visitors were free to stroll around and discuss the artworks with their creators. Visitors also had the chance to enjoy free apple drinks and live music performances. While the gallery featured several outstanding pieces of traditional art –– painting, drawing and photography –– MoMA expanded the types of “modern art” on view. Among the more unique art forms were equestrian vaulting, app-designing and videography.

MV MoMA also gave students the opportunity to promote their off-campus businesses. Juniors Anna Aswadhati and Samyu Sridhar rework and customize vintage apparel, and have established an online boutique named Halcyon. Sophomore Yamini Kukreja, who can crochet pillows and scarves in a matter of hours, has earned over $400 through her Etsy store, Kangaroo Crafts.

“I’m really proud of what I do,” Kukreja said. “I realized that a lot of people don’t know about my art, so I wanted to show off a little.”

Though this is Leadership’s first MV MoMA event, it attracted a considerable number of visitors. Classmates and teachers alike were intrigued by the creative diversity on exhibit, while previously underappreciated artists received a well-earned spotlight.

“I just can’t believe how many students are here,” Leadership advisor and Dean of Students Mike White said. “It’s just amazing. It’s really cool because these are things we don’t see everyday.”