Four teams participate in 2012 Jamba Juice fundraiser

Joyce Varma

This fall season, girls’ basketball and volleyball and both girls’ and boys’ water polo collaborated with Jamba Juice to organize fundraisers for their team. This was the company’s first year running fundraisers in conjunction with high schools.

To raise money for their teams, students sold Jamba Juice cards that gave ten buy-one-get-one-free deals for $10 each. The teams would receive 50 percent of the profits.

Girls’ and boys’ water polo raised $2,465 from the fundraiser, the most money out of the teams, as the two teams combined their earnings to purchase new easy-ups for the pool deck. However, because the four teams sold the cards simultaneously, there was little difference between the amounts of money raised.

Below is a breakdown of the total earnings of the three sports.